Web Design Course In Chandigarh

About Web Designing Training Programe

Website is an identity of any business in today’s world without a website no business can showcase their product & engage with their valuable customer. Webarox technologies provides Web Design Course In Chandigarh,mohali train its student not only on how to design web pages but also on the development and programming of the website. We offer such a web design course that covers the whole thing & make sure your career as web designer.

Advance Web Designing Training Programes

Web Template Design
  • Introduction to web designing
  • Photoshop Tools and Layout design
  • Blank Web Template design
  • Web Page Template with text design
  • Slicing tool in Web Template design
  • Landing Web Page design
Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Introduction to HTML and Dreamweaver text editor
  • HTML –Basic tags and Linking Documents
  • Tables and its attributes
Web Design Styles and Form Elements
  • Introduction to CSS and Types of CSS
  • Div. tag and CSS using methods
  • CSS –Text, Box and Layout Properties
  • Creation of Form and its elements
  • XHTML vs. HTML
HTML5 Web Elements
  • HTML5 Introduction and New Semantic Elements
  • HTML5 Graphics
  • HTML5 Multimedia
  • HTML5 API usage
  • CSS3 styles and Properties
Scripting Language in Web design
  • JavaScript Basics and need in Web design
  • JavaScript Form Validation
  • JavaScript String and Date Method
  • JavaScript Objects with its Properties and Methods
  • Managing Events in JavaScript
JQuery – JavaScript library file
  • JavaScript HTML DOM elements
  • JavaScript HTML DOM events and Event listener
  • JQuery Library files Introduction and use
  • JQuery Effects and Animations
  • JQuery HTML attributes and CSS Methods
  • JQuery Traversing and filtering Methods
  • JQuery AJAX Methods and other uses
Responsive Web Design
  • Twitter Bootstrap - Introduction
  • Grid Systems in Bootstrap
  • Components and form elements
  • Slider animations in Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Plugins and its uses
HTML Email
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Settings and Creation of HTML email
  • Tools to create HTML Email template


Section 1: Introduction to Handstands
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    • Introduction The Course
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    • Introduction The Course
Section 1: Introduction to Handstands
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    • Introduction The Course
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    • Introduction The Course
Section 1: Introduction to Handstands
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    • Introduction The Course
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    • Introduction The Course
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  • Duration: 6, 3 Months
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Students: 9